About us:

At the center of our policy is the bicycle.

Cycling is widely know as a healthy, sustainable, cheap and ethical mode of transport. The Solihull Bicycle Campaign is dedicated to enabling cycling for all ages and abilities, through a network of safe, high quality and continuous cycle routes modelled on those found in the Netherlands (the cycling capital of the world). 
The Dutch model comprises of a network of protected bike lanes along all roads where vehicle speeds and/or volumes are high, as well as 
low speed
limits and restricted access for motor vehicles on residential streets.
This system provides numerous benefits and not just for those on bicycles, including: reduced congestion; increased safety and freedom for children and generally safer, sociable communities. Helping to provide a safer, healthier, happier and more sustainable future for you and your family.


Cycling for a better future, in Solihull and beyond!

this we also hope to support a wide range of other sustainable and people oriented urban design projects.  

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Our Team

Bracken Van Ryssen

Laura Yorke 

Campaigns Director



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